The Arabic Flagship Talent Show

Friday night was the Arabic Flagship Talent Show, where the Arabic classes and clubs demonstrate what they have learned over the course of the semester. It was also the first tornado warning of the semester. Well, I guess I did decide to go to school in Oklahoma. So I waited in a designated hallway, hoping that it would not get canceled and that I would be allowed out of the building. Thankfully, the warning was lifted just in time, and I hopped around the puddles in hope of food. It arrived later, and was absolutely delicious. I’m a big fan of baba ghanoush.

Though a bit later and damper than anticipated, the Talent Show got underway. I was actually performing in four different events, though two of them had been recorded ahead of time. I had been practicing singing Mama Zamenha Gaya in class – and will likely keep singing it, as it is very catchy. In Reading Club, we had written our own stories in the style of Kalila wa Dimna. A couple of other girls and I read ours aloud. The Drama Club had performed and recorded a version of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. I played the conniving sister-in-law, which was a lot of fun. Last minute, another video I had acted in for class was added, in which I play a girl who has decided to study abroad in Egypt and needs her parents’ permission. (Spoiler alert: she’s already in Egypt). As you can see, there are lots of opportunities within the Flagship to use Arabic and expand on what you learned in class.

In addition to these acts, there was also belly dancing, poetry reading, and more singing and videos. It was all very impressive and entertaining. The saddest part of the night was saying goodbye to the graduating seniors. The Talent Show is a really cool reminder of the opportunities within the Arabic Flagship program, both for learning Arabic and for developing friendships. I felt very pleased with what I have accomplished over these past two semesters, and am very excited to see what I can explore in the fall, both in Arabic classes and in clubs.

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